Weird Whimsy

It’s been an incredible few months down here in sunny California. A year ago, the seven of us here at Whimsical Weirdos had no idea where our dreams might lead us, and now we’re starting to feel the outlines of our ambitions. Whimsical Weirdos has always worked on projects together, but we’ve never done anything as ambitious as mass producing our own game. Inspired by Josh Stonemaier’s blog entry, “You are Your Own Gatekeeper,” we set out to realize our dreams. We’ve done comics, prints, and concept art, but game design is totally new territory.

In the same way stepping into the professional animation industry was like art puberty, stepping into the board game industry feels like…game puberty. The board game/tabletop community has been very kind to us. Game aficionados, hobbyists, and designers have helped us expand our vision. Bottom line, I really love the board game/tabletop family. Everyone’s so nice and fun to meet. My favorite part about this whole experience has been meeting game designers and growing more familiar with their work. So that’s what this whole blog is about.

We Whimsical Weirdos do other stuff besides designing stuff. We Whimsical Weirdos like talking and playing games. So here, we talk about games we enjoyed, and we try to help people find games that they might also enjoy. By talking.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our talking. We will talk again soon.

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